Southwest Airlines Group Travel & Ticket Booking-How to Make Easier

When you are traveling with family and friends and have managed to have ten or more people ready for the journey, then, in such situations, you can make group reservations with Southwest Airlines. However, you need to be well informed about the group booking procedures, policy and the charges you might have to pay. All these details will make it convenient for you to book group travel and enjoy the benefits it offers. Let us enlighten you more about the group travel with the Airline.

What is the Group Booking policy with Southwest Airlines?

If you have decided to travel with group reservations with Southwest Airlines, then you should be enlightened about all the rules and regulations they have added to the southwest group booking policy. Once you are informed about the policy, going through the group booking will become convenient and swift:

  • Once you have booked the group travel tickets on Southwest, each flight cannot be refunded.

  • These tickets cannot be upgraded, downgraded, changed, put on standby, or cannot be exchanged.

  • You must have at least 10 or more people to make the group travel eligible with Southwest Airlines. 

  • The payment for the tickets can be made by using PayPal, Credit Cards etc (check with official) will be accepted for the Group Bookings on Southwest.

  • You cannot get through the seat selection process online for the group reservations.

  • For deposits, you have to use Credit Cards to make group reservation payments.

  • The miles you have collected, Southwest LUV vouchers, flight credits, and gift cards collected from the previous flights will not be accepted as a form of group booking payments.

  • With southwest group booking, you will not get printed or paper tickets. They will be issued online or electronically. 

  • You can make name changes again and again with Southwest group bookings before 72 hours of the scheduled flight.

  • The Southwest EarlyBird check-in will not be permissible with Group Reservations.

  • You can reserve the boarding position 24 hours before th scheduled departure, but the boarding pass will be provided at the Airport.

  • The passport needs to be verified by the customer service of Southwest Airlines, a kiosk or at the Airport helpdesk on the day of the scheduled flight. 

  • You will receive the boarding pass only after the verification of all the documents.

How can I make Southwest Airlines group bookings online?

You can make group travel bookings with Southwest Airlines by using the online process. It will not take much time and make it convenient for you to make the reservations. Later, you can check the details or access your flight by using Manage Booking.

ou need to follow the procedure mentioned below to get the group tickets from Southwest: 

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

  • Click on the Flight option given at the top right corner of the page.

  • Select depart and arrival locations, with date, time, and class, and search for the flight.

  • Pick the flight and add other passengers to the list with the re details.

  • Follow the instructions, pay for the tickets, and tickets will be sent to you via email. 

Can Southwest Airlines group bookings be made at the Airport?

You can make group bookings with Southwest Airlines by getting to the helpdesk of the Airport. Make sure you have all the required documents, such as the government-issued identity, passport, VISA (if applicable), etc. Inform the executives about all the details and ask them to add all the passengers. After the booking has been made, the Airline will provide tickets online, as paper tickets will not be issued for the group reservation.

What are the benefits of Southwest Airlines Group Bookings?

There are several benefits of getting a Groupp travel bookings with Southwest Airlines. Having a journey with a group reservation will always be convenient and full of advantages. Here have mentioned some of these benefits below:

  • With the Southwest group travel, you will be able to receive an extra baggage allowance.

  • You will be able to have a priority check-in and boarding with the Airline.

  • You will receive better food choices and all the things related to the entertainment purpose. 

  • With group bookings, the seat selection will be permitted free of cost.

  • You can have better seats with extra space on the flight.

  • An extra cabin will be provided to you with Southwest Group travel.

Is it cheaper to travel in a group with Southwest Airlines?

If you book flights for each passenger separately, it will cost you a high amount. However, with group bookings, the charges will be less, and you can enjoy other services as well.

Conclusion: Group Bookings with Southwest Airlines come with multiple benefits and advantages. It will be more beneficial if you know everything about group bookings beforehand. Above have discussed and gone through all the information, such as the policies, procedures, etc., to have a stress-free journey. If you have any more queries, then get to the official website of Southwest Airlines. 


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