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Santorini is one of the beautiful small islands and a famous tourist destination: the breathtaking natural view, stunning whitewashed buildings,  the rare beauty of Caledera, and blue churches. You will get peace of mind on sun-kissed beaches and enjoy the crystal clear water and magnificent atmosphere. In Santorini, you will see the beautiful sunset view from almost every hotel. You can visit there between October and March as you will get a chance to see astonishing springs and also the fares for hotels and flights are lower at that time. You will get cheap flights and hotels to Santorini during that month. It is one of the highest-rated states for having a quality of life. If you want to learn more about this island and how to get a cheap flight ticket, read below.

How do I get Cheap Flights to Santorini?

Santorini is one of the most adorable and picture-perfect parts of Greece. If you are planning a trip there with your family and searching for cheap flights to Santorini, there are various tricks and mediums to do so. Numerous airlines provide tickets at a low price for Santorini. It is pretty simple to make a reservation with the airline if you have complete information about the methods. You will be enlightened with the modes in detail in the paragraph outlined below.

Make a reservation to Santorini by using the online method:

You can use the online medium to book a flight ticket. It is one of the expeditious and productive ways. You need to access the official website of the airline and follow the steps described below:

  • Naigate to the official web link of the airline.

  • On the homepage, you will see the Book a Flight link. Tap on that option.

  • Fill out the required details such as departure from, arrival at, number of passengers, and traveling date in the given sections.

  • Click on the search flight option.

  • It will move to the new tab. Details of all the flights will be fetched on the screen, and the ticket will be selected depending on the requirement. 

  • Click on the Proceed to Pay option. Now, pick the payment mode and, read all the rules carefully, and tap on the continue option.

  • Once you make the booking then, the airline will send the validation message to your email or mobile phone.

Go to the airport for the Cheap flight booking for Santorini:

You can also visit the airport from where the flight will depart. At the ticket counter, submit the Identification Proof, a copy of the passport, government-approved identity, and traveling papers. The customer support agent will verify all the documents and then book a flight ticket for you. You can also add the services while booking a flight ticket to Santorini. 

Make the reservation to Santorini through a travel agent:

The passenger can book a flight ticket to Santorini through a travel agent. They need to submit the required documents to the third-party agent. They will make a reservation for them.

What is the cheapest month to go to Santorini?

When the traveler plans a vacation in Santorini, the main concern is that their trip will be budget-friendly. The best month to visit the island is March and October because the prices of the hotels and the flight tickets are lower than usual. If you are a spring child, it is the ideal time to go there. 

Where flies directly to Santorini?

There are different airports in Santorini from where you can travel to the destination accordingly. We have provided the airport names that are listed below:

  • Santorini JTR Airport.

  • New Paros Airport.

  • Naxos IS JNX Airport.

  • Mykonos Airport.

  • Heraklion Airport.

Is it cheaper to fly into Athens or Santorini?

Athens' ticket prices are half of Santorini's. If the traveling dates of the passengers are flexible, then they can search on the fare calendar and then make the reservation for the place for which they are getting the lowest price. 

Why is Santorini so expensive?

On this island, there are some luxury hotels, resorts, and spas. It is a well-known traveling destination among celebrities, due to which it is expensive. There are many activities, such as scuba diving, boating, and much more, for which you need to pay a higher price. 


By using the modes and tips that were noted earlier, you can book a flight ticket to Santorini at a low price. If you need any help then contact the airline's customer service agent.


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