Why Should Choose Spirit Airlines?- Is it Good Airline for Travelers

Spirit is one of the cheapest US airlines that offer its flights to more than 60 locations in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. Apart from their low-cost tickets, Spirit Airlines is also famous for its premium quality amenities and safety measures. The ticket prices are low because the airline charges for every other service, like seat selection, baggage, meals, printing boarding passes at the airport, and many more.

Services offered by Spirit Airlines

The reason why Spirit is considered a good airline is because it provides multiple services and has a better response time in comparison to other airlines. You can go through the given points to learn about the various services offered by the airline:

  • Wifi service - Now you can enjoy the wifi services during your flight with Spirit Airlines at an affordable price of $4 to $7, depending you want to use social media or stream any movie to TV show. To connect wifi on your device, scan the QR code on the tray table or the front seat. Choose the plan and pay the amount, then the wifi will automatically be connected to your device.

  • Online check-in - Tired of standing in the long queue at the airport? You can select your preferred seat and get your boarding pass 24 hours before the scheduled departure through the online check-in. It is available on the official website and mobile application. Print the boarding pass at your home or reach the airport at least 3 hours before the departure to print it at the airport.

  • Special Assistance - If a disabled passenger is traveling with the airline and needs any special assistance like assistive devices or wheelchair assistance, wants to carry medical equipment, or requires any medical aid. They have to contact the airline at least 24 hours before the departure and provide information on the type of assistance they require.

  • Loyalty program - The airline has a free Spirit loyalty program that offers miles points to the passengers every time they make a reservation. The miles points can later be used for several purposes like flight reservations, seat upgrades, or adding any services.

  • Foods & Beverages - During your flight, if you feel hungry, then the airline provides food and beverages at a reasonable rate. If the passenger has any allergy or requires any special meal, then you need to contact the airline at least 24 hours from the departure, and they will prepare the meal.

  • Customer service assistance - For any problem or query, you can connect with customer service and get quick assistance from a live representative with an answer. To connect with customer service, you can call their contact number, send an email, or chat through WhatsApp. You can also visit the helpdesk at the airport to speak directly to the representative to get quick assistance.

After going through the given information, you must have known about the various services of Spirit Airlines. For further details, connect with customer service through the preferred modes on the official website.


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