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Acquire accomplish guidance if you lost your Boarding Pass

Generally, when you get approval to board a flight, it is granted by the boarding pass after completing the check-in online or offline method. It is one of the significant documents that deliver you a clear allowance to board the plane, and many airlines issue it when you complete the check-in successfully. But if you lose your boarding pass, you are required to know some of the best things, and it is crucial to remember that a boarding pass allowance can be different from a flight ticket. Hence, you also need to know that a boarding pass will provide you permission to board the flight, but a flight ticket lets you travel on the aircraft, which you get during a flight booking service. So, if you misplace it, you won't be allowed to board the plane, and an airline can offer you a new boarding pass if you go through the rules and regulations efficiently. 

What do I do if I lost my boarding pass?

If you lose a boarding pass, it can be a more stressful experience. But you can find effective tips to resolve such kind of a situation and ensure you can still board your flight effortlessly. There are many airlines which have a general policy stating that boarding passes to board flights are hassle-free. Therefore, if you face any trouble with your boarding pass, which has been lost, you need to get in touch with the airline, stay calm, and keep patient until you get proper guidance and help. To avoid unwarranted perplexity, you are required to go through the immediate action and check out the simple methods below.

  • Stay Calm: 

Unfortunately, if you lose your boarding pass, the most important thing to do is just remain calm. But if you feel panic and scared, it can make the trouble worse, and it can take more time for your ability to resolve this issue promptly.

  • Inspect your Belongings: 

When you lose your boarding pass, you must thoroughly check all your belongings in your baggage before doing anything else. It is true that sometimes, a boarding pass can be misplaced in a bag, pocket, or even between the pages of a book. So, it would help if you double-checked your luggage, purse, pockets, and any other items you carry. 

  • Retrace your boarding pass: 

You can try to remember where you last saw your boarding pass while boarding the flight. You can retrace it at security checkpoints, restrooms, shops, or restaurants, which can sometimes help you find the lost pass.

  • Ensure you have valid documents: 

You must show a valid form of documentation, including a passport, government photo ID, or driver’s license. The airline generally uses your ID card to verify your booking and issue a new boarding pass. Further, if you have your flight details, like the flight number and departure time, it can also help you get your boarding pass shortly after being misplaced.

  • Use Self-Service Kiosks:

If you experience long lines at the check-in counter, you can look for self-service kiosks. It is common for many airports to be equipped with these kiosks, and you might feel delay to reprint your boarding pass by entering your booking reference number or scanning your ID.

  • Check Your Email:

Many airlines generally send an electronic copy of your boarding pass to your email. You can simply access your email account on your phone to search for the boarding pass easily. After that, you can use the electronic version for boarding or show it to the airline representative to have it reprinted shortly. 

  • Visit the airline check-in counter: 

If you lose your boarding pass, contact your airline’s customer representative at check-in or ticket counter at the airport. It would help if you elaborated on your problem to the agent, who is trained to handle such matters and will assist you in obtaining a replacement boarding pass hassle-free.

You can also utilize the airline mobile app to reprint your boarding pass, which is pretty simple. But if you still face the same trouble, go to the security checkpoint to explain your problem and seek complete guidance to get another boarding pass and make your flight journey comfortable by boarding your flight efficiently. 


Question 1: Can I get another boarding pass if I lost mine?

Yes, you can get another boarding pass if you lose your original  boarding pass. You don't need to be worried and panicked at this situation, as the airline generally provides you with a new boarding pass instantly. To avoid doubts, it is important to know the process to obtain a replacement boarding pass, and follow the simple steps below. 

  • Approach a travel agent:

If you lost your boarding pass and don't know what to do, you can simply approach a travel agent and explain your issue to get a complete solution on time. You will get step-by-step guidance to get a new boarding pass before your flight departure and plan your tour hassle-free.

  • Provide necessary infromation:

You need to be ready to provide valid information related to the booked flight, such as the flight number, the last name of the passenger, the date of booking, etc. These details will help you resolve this issue immediately.

  • Verify your booking details:

When you approach a travel agent and provide all essential details, you will need to go through the verification process for your booked flight ticket. It is mandatory to verify your booking, contact and personal details, which will lead you to get a new boarding pass, which you can use to board your flight comfortably. 

  • Print your new boarding pass:

Earlier your identification and reservation are confirmed, the travel agent will allow you to reprint a new boarding pass efficiently. Fortunately, this is a pretty simple and quick process to get a new boarding pass if you lost one.

Question 2: Can you recover boarding pass?

Yes, it is possible to recover a boarding pass after losing one, and for that, you need to ensure you can accees your booking details via Manage Booking easily. If you need help to recover your boarding pass and gettng  confused, you are requried to follow the simple steps below.

  • First, you need to visit the airline's official website and select Manage Booking option.

  • You need to enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger into the required fields.

  • Access your booking details and make some changes or you will find the option to retrieve your boarding pass.

  • It is important to check out flight's date and time and select the flight for boarding pass which you can print or save it on your phone easily.

  • After recovering your boarding pass, you will also get the message of a new boarding on your registered email or phone shortly.   

Get other ways to recover your boarding pass:

You will get the other ways to recover your boarding pass, which is pretty simple for everyone. You can go to the Kiosks self-service at the airport, enter the booked flight details, and simply print your new boarding pass easily. You need to check your email to complete this process. But if you face any trouble, you may get in touch with a travel agent as soon as possible. They can help you issue a new boarding pass, which might also be reprinted at the airport without any trouble.

Question 3: Can I travel without a boarding pass?

No, you can't travel without boarding pass as you need to show proof of a ticket to board your flight easily. You can utilize your mobile app, where you will find complete details of your flight, show them to a travel agent to get a boarding pass shortly.

Question 4: What will the impact be of misplacing my boarding pass?

When you misplace your boarding pass, you will face repercussions, and to avoid this situation, you need to inform a travel agent to get quick guidance and help promptly. You will have to pay the price to receive a new boarding card, which depends on the airline, type of fare, and destination. You need to try to get a new boarding pass before your flight departure to be able to board the plane. Hence, keeping your boarding pass safe and secure is essential until you complete your flight journey and avoid unnecessary disruption.

Question 5: It is possible to reprint my boarding pass after flight?

Yes, you can reprint your boarding pass after your flight at the Kiosks serlf-service, and for that, you need to enter the valid booking details properly. 

Question 6: Is digital copy of boarding pass valid?

Yes, you can carry a digital copy of your booked ticket details, which is adequate to enter the first level of security. You need to show your ticket on your mobile, as it is enough to get permission to board the flight and avoid unnecessary trouble. So, if you have a soft copy of your boarding pass, you can board your flight comfortably.

Question 7: What do I do if I forgot my boarding pass at home?

If you complete your check-in online at your home and get the boarding pass, you can easily board your flight. But if you forgot your boarding pass to carry, you need to report your lost boarding pass to a travel agent and provide booking details to get a new boarding pass shortly.