How do I get Refund from United Airlines?-All about Refund Policy

Accumulate information for refunds from United Airlines.

There have been some traveling issues that may cause the customers, and they might cancel their trip and wish for a refund. The reasons for refunds could be a lot, but the common reasons could be related to bad weather, poor health conditions, or the airline having short staff members onboard, due to which you are getting delay issues. Therefore, ticket cancellation is the most recommended option at that particular time. Since you want the refunds, here are a few suggested questions you must read and acquire a complete package of details for the refund criteria.

What are United Airlines' Refund Policies?

As each airline has its norms for ticket cancellation, if you canceled a United Airlines ticket and wished to get a refund, you are supposed to use policies that are well defined below.

  • When a passenger heads for the ticket purchase at least seven days before departure, you have 24 hours from when you purchase the United airline ticket for a refund. In addition, the 24-hour policy for refunds is applicable on all available flight tickets.
  • In cases where United cancels your ticket, you are automatically entitled to a refund regardless of any reason. 
  • Moreover, if your travel schedule at United Airlines has been changed or significantly put up on delay, travelers are entitled to full refunds. 
  • Suppose you have purchased a fully refundable ticket at United; then you are easily entitled to a refund. 
  • If you purchased United airline ticket direct from the airport then you must cancel it same way and apply for the refunds at the airport itself from the assistance of agent.
  • Customers who have purchased United airline tickets online, then they have to cancel it same way, and if the ticket purchase is via a third-party portal or travel agency, then cancellation or refund wouldn't work by the official site of United Airlines.
  • Lastly, at United, the travelers who have paid the baggage fee and their bag have been declared lost then; also, the refund entitlement processed quite smoothly.

How to apply for online refunds at United Airlines?

To apply for online refunds at United Airlines, you must read the following passage from here; you can get complete steps for the repayments without any obstacles; for that, you must visit the official website and follow the below-referred points.

  • Once you visit the official site page of United Airlines

  • Login account with the correct details like username and password 

  • After that, go to manage my booking tab.

  • Here enter the ticket reference code along with the last name.

  • Now you get your ticket and can choose the request refund tab.

  • Further, you must describe the refund reason within 1000 characters and tap over submit the form. 

  • After the submission of the form, you will get verification OTP.

  • Enter the code within the required field, and your refund procedure will start, and you will get the refund status checker code along with complete details.

Can United Airlines cancel ticket refunds by Phone?

Yes, United airline travelers who have already made the reservation online or via Phone can cancel it both ways. Meanwhile, if you want a refund, you can call the United Airlines' assistant by Phone and apply for ticket cancellation.

  • Call United airline assistant by phone number 1-800-864-8331 and listen to voicemail commands.

  • Press the appropriate option to select the preferred language.

  • Now, select the command for the refunds for your canceled ticket. 

  • Then your call is diverted directly to the expert, and you must provide your ticket details.

  • Next, they will proceed with the refunds by asking you for a reason. 

  • Finally, the assistant will process your request for the refund, and you will have the confirmation email directly from the reservation helpdesk.

How quickly does United sanction refunds?

As per the refund policy for United Airlines, if the ticket cancellation is online and booked via online modes, then refunds will be under 7-10 business days. For tickets directly purchased from the airport ticket counter, it will take up to 20 days to complete the refund procedure.

How can I claim refunds at United Airlines?

Generally, cases are rising of cancellation tickets and refunds. If you are claiming compensation or reimbursements, you can call United Airlines by Phone or directly head to the airport for immediate assistance.

How much is a United airline flight ticket refund?

The passengers will pay the charges within 24 hours after booking, which could concern cancellation or change. Then the passenger will have to pay the fee, from $75 on a domestic flight to $400 for an international ticket.

What to do when United does not offer refunds?

Customers are recommended by United Airlines that if they don't get refunds, they must explain that they help by using email service (, or you can call directly to the customer service team for assistance.

Can I get a full refund if United cancels?

Yes, the ticket cancellation is made from United Airlines' end, and then travelers are entitled to get full refunds from the airline obstacle free. 


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