Qatar Update- What is the controversy with Qatar Airways?

Recently, the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker (who served for 27 years), stepped down from the concerned post. Undoubtedly, Qatar has only experienced an upward development with an array of recognitions. Despite all this, Qatar remained in controversy due to his (Al Baker) remarks. Let’s not beat around the bushes, the following details will spill the beans engraved in such controversy;

What was the cause of the controversy?

On one side, Qatar considered a tremendous growth, while on the other side, criticism.  However, look at the details;

Akbar AI Baker, in one of his press conferences in 2018, remarked:

“Women could not do his jobs because it is a very challenging position.”

Another remark came from The Association of Flight Attendants’ President;

“Qatar Airways thrives on misogyny and discrimination.”

There was another speech in which Akbar Al Baker said that the services proposed by US Airlines are served by “Grandmothers.”

He compares his airline with the US, remarking US Airlines are “crap,” and their travelers are “always being served by grandmothers.”

Recognition under Akbar Al Baker's reign.

Despite Qatar remaining in controversy periodically, nothing was able to hinder its success and achievements and to know about the same, you must consider the following points:

    A huge passenger base— You may find an exponential number of fliers connected with Qatar Airways who prefer taking services from the same.

    Skytrax report— As per the reports released by Skytrax, Qatar has been named “World’s Best Airlines” seven times, appreciating its flexible passenger-oriented services, etc.

    World Airline Awards— For the 10th time, Qatar Airways Business Class offering was declared the world’s best.

    Services— Different people across the countries recognized services delivered under his reign, and Qatar is often preferred over others.

    Fifa World Cup 2022— In the year 2022, Doha organized the Fifa World Cup, in which Qatar Airways played a pivotal role under his reign, serving different countries and providing flexible aviation services to different passengers across the world.

Contradiction of Akbar AI Baker.

In service for 27 years, AI Baker has earned different prestigious awards for Qatar Airways, but due to his contradictory statements, he built a reputation linked with an “Outspoken personality.”

The real trauma was displayed when he remarked all the US airlines are “Crap.” Additionally, in one of the press conferences, he said, “The average age of my cabin crew is only 26,” while US Airlines’ passengers are “always being served by grandmothers.”

In the year 2022, Qatar hosted the Fifa World Cup 2022, where he gave remarks against all the critiques; “We always rub salt into the wound of our competitor, and of course, our adversaries, as you can see the measure of the negative media campaign against my beloved country Qatar,”

However, Akbar Al Baker, in 2018, gave a statement where he said, “Women could not do his job, because it is very challenging position,” later he reversed his own statement saying, “He would appreciate a woman as his successor.”

Who will replace the Akbar Al Baker?

After 27 years of service, Akbar Al Baker has stepped down and will be replaced by Badr Mohammed Al-Meer.

Despite being in controversy throughout the period of service, Al Baker has contributed a lot in making Qatar Airways a prestigious airline, with top-class ranks (officially ranked by Skytrax), giving employment, but statements such as “women could not do his job” do not portray the good examples in the society, though this concerned statement was reversed in the following press conference, remarking, “He would appreciate a woman as his successor.”



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