What do I get in first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

A commercial flight that flies to and from Hawaii and is one of the biggest airline operators in the US is Hawaiian Airlines. It flies to more than 30 destinations with multiple stopovers and direct flights. The booking you have if is the first class on the airline, then you can learn about the amenities and facilities of Hawaiian Airlines first class from the information given in the content below for the help you are looking to avail. Read through the details below and then be informed about the first class of Hawaiian Airlines. 

The seats in first class: 

The seats on the first class of Hawaiian Airlines are flatbed. These seats can turn and bend to 180 degrees, making it a lie-flat seat. You can book seats in this class and avail of the flatbed seats with enough leg space, and along with it, you can also get a special amenity kit, which includes an eye mask, a wooden comb, a pen, comfortable socks, tissues, etc.

Lounge Access with Hawaiian Airlines:

You can get access to the luxury lounges at the destination or arrival airports so that you can wait for the next flight or take a quick break to relax. You can get free access and enjoy exclusive services, such as free wifi, drinks, food, snacks, and a nice cozy & comfortable place to relax. You can get additional benefits at the lounges as per availability for the reservation with the airline with those of international destinations.

In-flight Amenities: 

With a first-class booking with Hawaiian Airlines, you can avail of premium facilities and the different facilities they offer to their customers. If the flight you have booked is for more than 8 hours, then you will be provided a premium bedding seat so that you can rest before landing and avoid getting jet-lagged. The seats come with two charging ports with universal support connections. The airline provides facilities like IFE, food choices, reading materials, and many more. 

Luxuries throughout the trip: 

The trip you have booked on the first class of Hawaiian Airlines shall provide you with unmatched service and experience. Given are some luxuries you can get for the booking:

  • Additional two complimentary checked bags are allowed without any penalty.

  • Different check-in queues for a faster check-in process. 

  • Pre-assigned seats with customization of meals available. 

  • Free cancellations and changes are allowed. 

  • Prioritized boarding and deboarding are provided. 

  • Extra leg space is available. 

  • Unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a welcome drink. 

  • Control cabin temperature and etc. 

How do I book a first-class seat on Hawaiian Airlines? 

Hawaiian Airlines’ first-class booking is easy as a cakewalk. You can go through the given steps that hall be a guide to provide assistance. The steps you can follow are: 

  • Visit Hawaiian Airlines’ official website, www.hawaiianairlines.com

  • Tap on the book and choose flight option. 

  • Enter the details asked, such as destination, origin place, date of travel, and number of passengers, and then click on the next tab. 

  • You will get different flying options. Choose one and then click on the class as first class. 

  • Make the payment and confirm the booking. 

You will get a confirmation email from the airline for the confirmation and the ticket. 

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