American Airlines Manage my Booking Trips - Edit Reservations Process

“Manage booking” is an important facility provided by American Airlines to make changes or to add additional facilities or services to existing tickets. Those customers who have specific travel preferences or wish to make modifications can take advantage of this impressive feature and make their travel experiences as per their convenience. From the approaching section, you can accumulate information regarding using this facility and the changes you can make through this.  

How does American Airlines Manage Booking Work

Customers are free to make any of the following changes or add additional services to their reservations via American Airlines “Manage booking”:

How do I manage my booking on American Airlines?

  • They can make name changes.

  • Flight rescheduling or cancellation can be done.

  • Refund requests can be made.

  • Seat selection or travel class upgrades are possible.

  • Additional luggage can be added.

  • Special assistance can be requested.

  • Special meals can be added via manage booking, etc.

What are the benefits of using American Airlines "manage booking"?

There are a number of advantages of using American Airlines “manage booking” option. Refer to the following important perks:

  • This medium saves effort and time for travelers as they don’t have to wait after reaching the airport to add other additional facilities like special assistance.

  • Check-in is very easy via “manage-booking.”

  • Ticket holders of American Airlines can easily add additional-luggage.

  • Only a few online-steps are to be followed to use this approach, which saves a lot of time.

The online process to use “Manage booking” of American Airlines:

Customers have the option to follow a series of online instructions to utilize the “American Airlines manage my booking” option. If you are curious to know about the exact steps, then proceed with the following:

  • Go to the website of American Airlines.

  • Click on the “Log-in” option.

  • Turn to the “manage booking” option.

  • As you get into your account, you must click on your reservation.

  • Finally, click on the edit button.

  • Make the required changes to your reservations.

  • Save the changes.

Contact American Airlines customer services to manage your booking

Apart from the online process, customers can contact customer care services by dialing their phone number: 800-433-7300; they can provide booking details to the representative, who will note the requirements of callers and make arrangements accordingly. 


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