How to get compensation from Malaysia Airlines?

Many times there are many travelers who wish to get compensation from Malaysia Airlines due to flight cancellation or loss of their luggage. If you have booked a ticket and, within a few hours, your travel plan cancels, and you cancel your initial booking, then you can claim compensation. If you are curious to know whether and how to get compensation from the airlines, then you must know that yes, airlines provide compensation to travelers if they are eligible. You can read the important details given below to get all the crucial compensation-related information. 

Malaysia Airlines compensation policies:

In case you are thinking of getting compensation for your last trip, then you must carefully go through Malaysia Airlines compensation policy set by the airlines. Some of the important Malaysia Airlines compensation policies are mentioned below:

  • If you make a compensation request within the initial 24 hours of canceling your Malaysia flight, then you are eligible to get the full amount from the airline.

  • Those ticket holders who make a compensation request after 24 hours are not liable to get full compensation.

  • Sometimes Malaysia Airlines cancel flights or delays scheduled flights without proper information; in that case, also, customers can get compensation for the inconvenience caused.

  • If the reason for your flight cancellation is medical, then you must provide the supporting medical documents to get full compensation, and you are not required to pay any flight cancellation charges. 

  • Booking charges will not be compensated to the travelers. 

What is the procedure for getting compensation from Malaysia Airlines?

Now that you are already aware of the compensation policies of Malaysia Airlines, you must be thinking of the process. You need to sequentially follow the straightforward steps given below to fill out the online compensation form and get back your money:

Refund Request Process Malaysia Airline

  • Go to the official Malaysia Airlines website.

  • You need to login into your existing-account.

  • Navigate to the “Manage” section.

  • The booking reference code, along with the passenger's last name, must be inserted.

  • Now “manage booking” button must be tapped to find your ticket.

  • Soon you will get the link to the compensation-form.

  • Fill in all the details that are mandatory.

  • Also, mention your reason for claiming compensation in the space provided and hit the submit-button.

  • Also, do not forget to attach the supporting documents.

  • Soon you will be notified about compensation being registered on your linked email.

Contact Malaysia Airlines customer services to get compensation:

There are many travelers who want to get compensation but do not have sufficient information about the same. They can call the customer services of Malaysia Airlines and gather all the compensation-related information. For this, they must dial the official phone number of the airline and also obey the instructions given by an automated-voice. When their calls are connected to the corresponding representatives, callers can discuss their confusion, and if they are eligible, they can even request compensation by providing booking details. Finally, a live representative will help them with the required information and also register their compensation request. 

How much time is taken by the Malaysia airlines to provide compensation? 

Once you request compensation, one thing that must be bothering you is how much time is consumed to get compensation. The time-taken by the airlines once your request is processed depends upon your initial mode of payment. If, while booking, you have done an online transaction with Malaysian Airlines, then it might take approximately 7-10 business days to get your money back. On the other hand, if you have purchased tickets paying in cash, then it might take approximately 15-20 business days for Malaysian Airlines to process your compensation requests. Also, in some cases, compensation requests might take up to 6 months to be verified. Your money will be compensated in the original mode of payment.

Conclusion: Compensation emails can also be sent by customers at, providing all essential documents. 


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