How do I Speak to Someone at Avianca Airlines?

Summon apt information to connect with Avianca Airlines

One of the largest airlines operating in Colombia is Avianca. It has a wide spread of traveling routes over international and domestic destinations. Further, when you choose to travel with them, then you can have facilities such as special assistance, medical aid, seat options, and many more. Besides this, when you have any kind of confusion either before, in the middle, or after the completion of the journey, then you can connect with their customer service and have a revert. Now, the detailed information in reference to this has been cited at the bottom heading.

Ways to communicate with Avianca Airlines customer service

On Avianca Airlines, you can get multiple modes to connect with their customer service and have a resolution. But detailed information about the operation of this mode has been delivered at the bottom.

Approach on Avianca Airline via Call Method

When you are looking to connect with a live person in an airline, then making a call is the opposite method for that. In this way, you can ask complicated issues more conveniently, and the revert by the airline can be secured on the spot. For that, you can dial avianca airlines phone number (+001) 800-284-2622 and then choose an option from the telephone menu.

Approach on Avianca Airline via chat modes

When you believe that you can explain your problem more appropriately in writing, then use a chat mode. Further, you can find more consistent support, and it is available 24 hours too. Now, the step-by-step process in relation to thai has been written at the bottom points:-

  • Go to Avianca Airlines official site

  • Further, click on the Contact Us icon

  • Now, click on the chat icon

  • Later on, click on the start chat icon and mention your issues.

Approach on Avianca Airline via whatsapp

You can make communication more effective with the airline by stating them on whatsapp mode. There, you can also be able to attach any PDF files, and you will get on a spot revert. If you want to go with this option, then you can use the below points. 

  • Reach to the official website of the Avianca Airlines 

  • Following this, you need to tap on the help center 

  • Then choose the option of connecting us via WhatsApp 

  • After that, click to continue to chat and then scan the code 

Approach Avianca airline via Contact Form

You can also go with the contact form option to take assistance, and this is an online mode of taking assistance, so you can skip the call break or long hold barriers. Here, you would find more space for the proper explanation of the issues, but the revert by airlines takes 72 hours. Now follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below.

  • Visit to the official Avianca Airlines website 

  • Then choose the help center icon and tap on the " submit the ticket option

  • Now fill out the details asked in the form and click on the send icon


How long does it take to get a refund on Avianca Airline?

When you have requested a refund on Avianca Airlines, then reimbursement can be obtained within the prescribed time frame. However, the duration of those refunds is based on your transaction, and the information is as such:-

  • When you have a payment with a credit card, then your refund might take twenty business days.

  • A payment done with other modes could have their refund within seven business days. 

How do I request special assistance on Avianca Airlines?

Avianca Airline puts its emphasis on every traveler and aids them in making a journey delightful. So, when you need special assistance to conduct a journey, then you can request the same by going through the airline customer service on a call. For that, you can dial (+001) 800-284-2622 and then choose a requisite option from the forward shared telephone menu.

When can I check in at Avianca Airlines?

A boarding pass on Avianca Airlines can be secured after the completion of the check-in process. However, the check-in could be conducted within its operational hours. So, when you can check in over online then, you can start within 24 hours of departure. Besides this, if you have to take an offline mode, then you get to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure time.

Is Avianca Airlines available for 24 hours?

Yes, Avianca Airlines is available for 24 hours. But working hours like this can be availed over chat and call modes. Besides this, the other might revert back in delay, but the resolution can be secured from that too. So, you get to choose among these options based on your issues requirement.

What type of animal can fly on Avianca Airlines?

Pets are now counted as a part of the family, which is why Avianca Airlines offers a room on a flight. But that is in compliance with its statutory provisions, and pets such as cats and dogs are permitted on a flight. Moreover, the pets can be carried in a cabin or put on hold. Thus, in the cabin, the weight of pets should not exceed 10 kg, and in the hold, the weight should be around 50 kg.

What travel requirements for Avianca Airlines

When you choose to travel with Avianca Airlines then, you get to keep certain documents with yourself in order to board the flight. Further, these documents can be varied as per routes, and you can secure that information from the bottom:-

  • Domestic route:- if you have a domestic flight in Colombia and Ecuador, then you could only need a national identity document.

  • International routes:- when you are traveling in an international location then you might have to carry a national identity visa with citizenship details. 

What issues can be handled with Avianca Airline customer service?

When you can get through Avianca Airline customer service, then you can have information about any of the services available with them. Moreover, you can determine the detailed information regarding that by going through the bottom titles:-

  • Flight status:- When you reach the airline customer service then you can be aware of the flight's current operational hours and able to plan a journey accordingly. Besides this, you can get aware of diversion or delay too.

  • Request special assistance:- When you need any kind of special assistance, such as a wheelchair or medical aid, then you request the same by communicating with customer service.

  • Cancel a flight and request a refund:- when your traveling plan gets abundant, then you could cancel an airfare for the same. When you have completed this process, then you can claim a refund too. 

  • Raise your complaint: Before or after completing your travel with Avianca Airlines if you get any issues such as the services are not good, a flight is delayed, lost luggage, etc then you will get the option to raise your complaint by connecting with the representative of the airlines. 


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