How do I file a claim with Swoop Airlines?

Swoop Airlines travelers experience any disruptions in travel plans, so Airline customer service is here to address the matter. You could claim with Swoop Airlines if your flight got delayed due to an uncontrollable setback, such as bad weather conditions or unscheduled maintenance.

You can apply claim by fill out Swoop airline claim form. You can also call 647-946-3001 for registering complaints. Email at for more queries.

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If you want to submit a claim form and wonder how do I make a claim with Swoop Airlines, you need to visit the contact page.

Follow the steps which are discussed below.

  • Passengers should visit the Swoop Airlines official website and Scroll through the webpage.

  • It would be better if you tapped on the legal and fees icon, which is available at the bottom of the portal; now, customers should tap on Canadian Flight and service disruptions or US Flight and service disruptions and choose according to the Scheduled Flight.

  • When you submit a claim tab, kindly tap on it; the screen will display the categories such as musical instruments, family seatings, lost or damaged baggage, delayed or canceled flight, Tarmac delays, and others; kindly select from the given options.

  • Customers must enter the required information, such as traveler information, email, subject, arrival and departure airport, reservation code, and more blanks, and click on submit it.

  • The support team member will check the circumstances to proceed with the compensation claim.

  • You will receive the response to the claim form within 30 and payment for approved claims will be notified on the given email with options for receiving funds electronically.

What circumstances are acceptable for a claim with Swoop Airlines?

Passengers who have reservations with Swoop Airlines can apply for a claim under some conditions and categories issued by Airline. Airlines follow a few terms and conditions so a traveler can demand a share. If a traveler is planning to apply for a claim for delayed or canceled flights, lost baggage, and more, kindly read the given information.

  • You can claim under categories like lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, flight delay or cancellation, Tarmac delays, Family seatings, denied boarding, traveling with musical instruments, etc.

  • Up to 48 hours for delayed baggage can file a claim, and the recommended claim amount is nearly $100 CAD/USD.

  • If a bag is delayed for more than 48 hours, the claim amount would be $150 to $250; it does not limit or reduce the traveler’s right to claim damages.

  • The Airline does not allow their passenger to claim for delivery of any perishable item delayed.

  • Swoop Airlines does not reimburse any claim expenses of dangerous goods, cellular roaming charges, missed entertainment, excursion events, lost wages, or other such events.

  • Airlines inform the travelers 14 days before Scheduled departure of any delay or cancellation.

  • Travelers are eligible to request a claim if the flight arrival is delayed at the departure destination for three hours or more than three hours.

  • Flight delay or cancellation claim amount would depend on the length of delay or compensation; if the arrival is delayed for three or six hours, then the passenger will receive $125 as compensation for the delayed flight.

For 6 to 9 hours, it is nearly $250. For more than 9 hours, the amount will be $500 as a claim compensation amount. For further queries, contact the airline customer service number. 

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