How do I change name on flight tickets on Emirates?, if does not Match

How do I change name on flight tickets on Emirates?, if does not Match

Human error or computer error, due to any of the reasons, if you have placed a wrong name and your name on the ticket does not match your government ID, Emirates Airlines has the right to deny you the boarding or may question before the departure of the flight. Emirates cannot compromise with the safety of its passengers and these steps are taken to ensure the safety of the passengers traveling with them. But you do not worry as one can rectify their mistake and save themselves from all of this happening. To get a better idea of the topic be with this article till the end. 

What is the procedure for Emirates Airline's name change? 

Here have reached the almost end of the article where we will learn about the final step of the name change, which is the procedure to request to Emirates Airlines to change the name. You will have a apply for it and then once Emirates gets your request, they will proceed to take action on your request. here is described in brief, what you are supposed to do: 

  • Reach the official page of Emirates Airlines. 

  • Click on the Manage My Booking option. 

  • Enter the last name of the passengers alongside the PNR number. 

  • Tap on Retrieve Booking and get the details of your booking.

  • Then, move to the menu section select the name change option, and get an online form on the next page. 

  • Complete the form mention your correct name and attach a government document for proof. 

  • Choose the payment option and make the payment required for changing the name. 

  • Submit the form and the airline will issue you a new ticket with your correct name. 

What is the policy of Emirates name change? 

Let's start the discussion by taking a glimpse at the policies of change name on Emirates flight as this is the main aspect that needs to be focused on while applying for the name change. It is important to follow all the rules and regulations of the Emirates name change so that your request gets accepted. To know the terms and conditions of the Emirates name change, read the points described below: 

  • A maximum of three characters in the name can be changed totally. 

  • The passengers can make changes to their first, middle, or last names. 

  • Passengers cannot replace themselves with another passenger through a name change. if you try to do this, the airline may impose a heavy legal fine on you. 

  • The name will be updated on the basis of government ID. so, provide an ID while requesting the name change. 

  • The passengers who booked their tickets through a third party will have to contact the agent for the name change. The airline will not remain answerable to such passengers. 

  • Once a passenger completes the check-in procedure, they are not allowed to make any change to their name on the ticket. 

  • In the event of marriage, divorce, or any other legal case, the passenger can change their surname. 

How much do I have to pay for the Emirates name change? 

The second main question after the policies of Emirates Airlines is how much payment I have to make for the name change. One must want to know the price that is supposed to be paid for the name change. According to the policy of Emirates Airlines, there is no charge or fee for passengers who manage to change their name within 24 hours of their booking. Any change in the name after 24 hours of the booking is subject to a fee of $60. Some factors can affect the price of the name change. this price can change depending on the situation.