How do I change my Flight Date with Japan Airlines?

Be aware of flight change details with Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is one of the international airlines. With the help of this airline, you can make reservations for multiple international as well as domestic destinations. And when you have purchased the fare of this airline but if you are willing to change your flight, relax because while getting here, you can have the relevant information from the below titles.

Procedure to change a flight on Japan Airlines

When looking for the mode to change Japan flight booking, so for that, you can use any of the options listed below according to your ease.

Change Japan Airlines Flight Date via call

With the airline, you can get to another flight by sharing your itinerary details with the airline's customer service team. Further, for that, you can dial its official number, After that, you get the IVR option, so choose the appropriate option. And the option is as such:-

  • Press1 to select language

  • And then press3 for flight booking.

  • Press F5 to change the flight.

  • Press8 for baggage inquiry

  • Pres0 to speak with customer service.

Change Japan Airlines Flight Date via website

If you wish to conduct the booking process on your own, then via online the mode you get to complete the process. If you require a hint for that, then follow the points as written below:-

  • Use a search engine to open the Japan Airline official website

  • After that, click on the manage booking icon and select rebook option.

  • And then, you get to type the reservation code with the surname of the passenger.

  • Now, you get to click on the change flight option.

  • Then choose your new flight and click on the continue option.

  • Further, make the payment and click on the finish option.

  • Afterward, you can receive the confirmation message in your email and phone number.

Know about the flight change policy of Japan Airlines

When you are going to make changes to the flight's original booking, there is a certain rule and regulation you have to follow to complete the process. And that statutory provision you can find in its flight change policy that has been elaborated below:-

  • If you have to change your flight within 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket, you might not have to pay any additional cost.

  • And if such changes are conducted after the grace time, you might change the flight fees as per the fare type and location you are traveling.

  • You are entitled to make changes if you have purchased the ticket that permits that. And if the fare rules are against it, you cannot pursue such a change.

  • After purchasing the fare, you might be restricted from changing your flight if you have upgraded your fare.

  • If you have purchased the fare for connecting flights, you can make the change before the first flight's 72-hour flight departure. 

  • And the fare that contains the single booking, they can make changes in their flight prior 24 hours of the departure of original flight.

  • If you have made your booking and then reserved the seats for yourself, you might not be able to take the flight on Japan Airlines.

  • The flight number that starts with the 9B on Japan Airlines also cannot change their flight to the new one.

  • When your flight is canceled by the airline for any reason or the flight gets delayed by three hours or more, and you do not wish to travel with the alternative, you get to switch your flight and do not have to pay the additional fee. But get to pay the fare difference.

  • When you change your flight, you follow the terms and conditions per the new modifications.

  • If you are changing your flight due to a medical emergency or sickness, then for the change, you might have to submit your document to the airline and might not get to pay the flight change fees.

  • If you are looking to make changes in your booking with the help of an airline counter, you might get to bring the receipt of your itinerary. 

  • You might not be able to conduct the change with an airline's help when you have booked with a travel agent. That for such booking you get to communicate with them.

Aware of flight change fees on Japan Airlines

On Japan Airlines, you can also change your flight free of cost when you change it within 24 hours of booking. And when this time you can pay the flight change fees according to the fare type, time of changing and destinations that you are traveling. But the flight change fee, that is around could be $0 to $200. And if you need the exact the get in touch with the airline.

Thus, while reading here, you can get awareness about the flight change process with its policy and cost. And if there is anything that is difficult to understand, then you can speak with the airline customer service team.


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