How do I cancel my Breeze Airways Flight Ticket?-Cancellation Policy

Sometimes the plans do not go as we expect, and in some cases, we have to cancel the plans that we had made. For any condition, if you have decided not to fly as per the flight scheduled with Breeze Airways, you are liable to cancel the booking based on the cancellation policy. There are different methods by which a flight ticket can be canceled at Breeze, and there are a few conditions for the same. With further context, you will learn about these methods, policies as well as charges.

The Cancelation Policies of Breeze Airways

There are several conditions that you should be aware of before canceling your flight. The Breeze Airways cancellation policy has been mentioned here that you can consider going through once:

  • The cancellation of a Breeze Airways ticket can be made up until the booked flight boards.

  • Charges are imposed on canceling a flight ticket at Breeze Airways.

  • An individual who cancels the flight not after 24 hours of reservation can benefit from the free cancellation at Breeze.

  • If the flight is canceled on account of a delay in the boarding time of 3 or more hours, The cancellation will be provided free of cost by British Airways.

  • The flight ticket holders can ask for a refund after canceling the ticket.

  • An individual is liable for canceling the flight if only the purchase was made directly from British Airways. The third-party booking can be canceled by contacting the same point.

  • The flight cancellation because of the medical illness of the passenger and a close relative can be canceled without any charges by submitting the relevant documents.

  • Passengers with travel insurance are liable to cancel their tickets without any fees.

Methods to Cancel a Breeze Airways Flight

A couple of cancellation methods are available to cancel a Breeze flight which have been explained below for you to consider. After going through the methods and their procedure, you can select.

Cancel via Website

Breeze Airways allows flight ticket holders to manage and view the booking as per the requirement from their official site. So if needed, an individual can choose to cancel their flight ticket by self-using the website, and the needed process of the same is as follows:

  • The first step is to open the Breeze website on the browser,

  • Then select the “My Trips” section,

  • Either log your account or enter your flight details,

  • Next, your trip details will load on your screen,

  • Now you have to find the “Cancel” option beneath the flight details,

  • Opt for the reason for the cancellation,

  • Pay the charges if applied on your trip,

  • And then the Breeze Airways ticket will be canceled,

  • A confirmation notification will be shared with you to cancel your ticket.

Cancel via Customer Service

An individual is also allowed to contact the customer service of Breeze Airways to cancel the flight ticket. The official person at customer service is available to process your request as needed. You have to place a call at customer service using the below instructions:

  • First, place the call using the customer service number,

  • Ask the official person to cancel your ticket,

  • Then you will need to share the passenger name and the booking confirmation number with the official on the call,

  • State the reason for canceling the ticket,

  • You might have to pay the cancellation charges as per the policy,

  • Next, your Breeze Airways flight will be canceled, and you will receive an email. 

Cancel via Mobile Application

Breeze Airways has a mobile application as well that helps with your requirement. You can cancel the flight ticket using the same by downloading it from the Apple or play store. After that, you can follow the procedure:

  • Open the Breeze Airways application on your device,

  • Log in with your credibilities,

  • Next, you have to select the My Trips option from the application menu,

  • The booking info will be shown on the screen,

  • Then you can choose the “Cancel” button and select the reason,

  • It will take you on the payment page,

  • Pay the cancellation charge, and the process will be completed,

  • You will receive the Breeze Airways flight cancellation email.

Cancel via Ticket Counter

Another option is to approach an administrator at the ticket counter for the cancellation of your Breeze Airways flight. You need to share the flight ticket with the administrator and state the flight cancellation reason. The booking will be canceled immediately, and you will have to pay the applicable fees.

How much does it cost to cancel a British Airways flight ticket?

The cost of canceling a British Airways flight majorly depends on the fare type and the routes. However, the average cost lies between $100 to $500. You can check the charges at the time of canceling your ticket.

Does Breeze have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Breeze Airways provides a 24-hour cancellation policy, and the rules for the same are as follows:

  • Canceling the booking within 24 hours is free of charge.

  • The flight ticket must be off after seven days from the date of booking to receive the full refund of the ticket. 

The refund will be shared in the original form of payment for the canceled flight ticket. 


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