How can Passengers do changes in Allegiant Airlines Flight Date?

Allegiant Air is a well-acknowledged airline among the passengers. Suppose you have booked a flight with the airline and later, for some reason, you had to reschedule your flight to a different date. In such a case, you may want to cancel your ticket and rebook. Fortunately, the airline facilitates you to change the flight date of your existing ticket by paying a little more.

What is the process for changing the date of a flight with Allegiant Air?

If you're a passenger and want to change the date of your booked flight, the advised course of action is to apply for the date change through the airline's official site. The airline will receive your request and proceed with the necessary formalities to change the flight date. If you need guidance on how to apply for a date change, below is a step-by-step procedure to follow:

How Can I change my flight with Allegiant?-

  • On Allegiant's official page, tap on "manage my booking."
  • Fill out the passenger's last name along with the booking reference code and click on retrieve booking to get the details of your booking.
  • Once you get the booking details, move to the menu section and click on the date change option.
  • Get a form on the next page. Proceed to complete the form, mention the booking details, and select the new date for your journey.
  • Make the required payment, and the airline will share the ticket with the new date with your registered email ID.

What is Allegiant's Policy for changing Flight Dates?

The passengers who have applied for the date change may not get a seat every time, and it can happen because they may not have met the airline requirements for the date change. Thus, you are advised first to read the terms and conditions for the date change and then apply for it. Here are the policies of date change mentioned below:

  • Qatar Airways holds the final power and can deny the date change to the passengers.
  • If the passengers have involved a third party in the middle to make a reservation with the airline, you need to contact the agent for any query related to flight change.
  • The passengers will have to meet the fare difference between the two flights.
  • You are advised to apply for a date change within 24 hours of your booking. Any change in the ticket date is subject to a change fee.
  • While booking, opt for trip flex protection to change your journey date without incurring any fees or penalties up to one hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If you need to change your travel plans for medical reasons, you can do so without any charges by presenting your medical reports to the airline.

How much does Allegiant Air charge to change Allegiant flight date?

Qatar Airways facilitates its passengers to change the flight date in case of any emergency. However, to save the interest of the airline and passengers, the airline does not provide this service for free. Passengers will have to pay the charges for it. The date change can cost up to $75 per person each way. The passengers must make the request at least seven days before the date of departure.

What are the other ways to apply for a date change at Qatar Airways?

The passengers who are not comfortable with the online process can move to the other options. Here are some of the alternatives to apply for a date change:

Phone call: If you prefer not use online procedures, you can contact the airline via phone. A representative can assist you with changing your flight date.

Here are the steps to follow when changing your Allegiant flight date over the phone:

  • Dial 1 (702) 505-8888 and get their calling Allegiant agent on the line.
  • Discuss your situation with the agent and ask to change the date of your journey.
  • Provide the required information to the agent, and the agent will apply for the date change on your behalf.
  • Now, you will get a payment link on your registered mobile number.
  • Pay, and get the booking details through email.

At the Airport: You can also directly visit the airline's ticket counter and ask the agent to change the date of your journey. The agent will help you to reschedule your flight to another date.

How do I change my flight date with Allegiant without paying?

You are advised to change the date of your journey within 24 hours of your booking to save on the fees.

What is the fee for changing the date of an Allegiant Air flight?

Allegiant charges $75 to change the booking date of your booked flight.

Can I change the date after check-in?

Yes, the passengers can change the flight date even after completing the check-in.

What is the deadline for applying to change the date?

The passenger must apply for the date change at least seven days before the scheduled departure

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