How Can i change name on Singapore Airline Flight Ticket?

Seek guidance to change the name on the Singapore Airlines flight ticket.

At the time of booking the flight with Singapore Airlines, there are multiple pieces of information that a traveler has to provide, such as complete name, contact number, age, travel dates, etc. However, after making the booking, if any travelers find that they mistakenly mentioned the incorrect name, the airline gives them the option of modifying it. To make the changes in the name, you have to follow multiple policies and make the request for the name 24 hours before departure. If you find complete information about name changes on Singapore Airlines, you must go through the details below.

What are name change policies on Singapore Airlines?

Having the details about the Singapore Airlines name change policies is essential as it will help you know whether you must pay the name change cost. If you do not have details about the name change policies on Singapore Airlines, then you must go through the details below.

  • You can only change the three letters of your name, but if you want to change more, you must communicate with the representatives of Singapore airline. 

  • You must provide official documents with the correct name to change the name. 

  • Modifications done in the name within 24 hours of the bookings with Singapore are non-chargeable, but after completing the 24 hours of the free window, you will not need to pay the charges. 

  • If any traveler is looking to change their name due to their marriage or divorce, they will need to show those documents, and you will not need to pay the charges for the name change. 

  • Airlines will not charge any amount if you want to extend the short form or add any middle name. 

  • The airlines cannot accept the name change request if the traveler changes the name after the check-in.

  • The charges you have to pay for name change will vary as per the number of words, but it is between 60 USD and 200 USD. 

Process to change the name on my Singapore Airlines flight ticket?

To make the changes in the name, there are different modes available, and if you are unaware of those online or offline mediums, you should go through below.

Use online mode: You can use the official website of Singapore Airlines to change the name, this is the most convenient mode as you will not need to contact any representative, and you can do it from anywhere. To go with this mode, you have to use the official website of Singapore Airlines, and to know the complete process, go through the below points.

  • Reach the website of Singapore Airlines. 

  • Now open the manage booking section and fill in the last name with the booking reference number.

  • Choose the name change tap and fill out the correct name.

  • After this, save the changes, and pay the fees applicable

Reach the counter: If you want to share any name change document with the query, you can request the name change by reaching the airport counter. You have to reach the counter, provide your booking, and give information about name change.

With the above information, you will be able to know about the change name on your Singapore airline ticket. Still, you can reach to the Singapore Airlines website for more details.


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