All About Skydiving in Dubai- Is Skydiving worth,Cost and weight Limit

Dubai is well known worldwide for providing the arena for the best adventure sports and activities to the travelers who visit this place. One of the many attractions of this place is the Skydive Dubai. On your next visit to Dubai, be sure not to miss skydiving at this place that is sure to leave you spellbound. This adrenaline rush and the unforgettable everlasting experience that it creates are sure to leave you spellbound.

Herein, there are indeed various reasons why Skydiving in Dubai is worth it, which is: 

  • It helps you to get the one-in-a-lifetime escapade that creates a thrilling effect when you get to have freefall at the speed of 120 miles per hour.

  • It lets you enjoy the aerial view of the most exotic locations in the world, which can either be a Palm Drop Zone or a Desert Drop Zone as per your choice. The scenic locations that you get to witness from such a high altitude are sure to create a sense of satisfaction. 

  • Even under the skydiving experience you choose to be a part of, varied options and services are provided. All types of divers, from amateurs to professionals, get tailor-made choices that help them to have an exciting adventure. 

  • The price of the skydiving experience usually varies and becomes more affordable if you are an experienced diver. The team does offer various packages and prices according to the price range you specify.

  • It creates a sense of adrenaline rush when you get to fly across the skies of Dubai from a whooping height of 13,000 ft, where all the safety standards are followed through, and all the equipment is of top quality. 

How much does it cost to Skydive in Dubai?

The average cost of the Skydive in Dubai varies depending on the package and zone chosen. So, to have an enthralling experience of Skydive in Dubai, the price usually varies as follows :

  • For Palm Zone, skydiving is priced at 600 USD, where you would be dropped down the majestic fall around the seas of Palm Island. 

  • In case you would like to get Skydiving experience over the Desert Zone on the vast dunes and the characteristic terrains of the desert, you would be charged 470 USD. 

How high is Skydive Dubai?

The maximum height to which you can soar as part of Skydive Dubai is a whopping 13,000 ft, where the trained and highly qualified skydiving instructors will accompany you while you enjoy the majestic view as part of the diving adventure you signed up for. The presence of the instructors with you during the dive ensures that maximum safety protocols are followed through whilst you have an enchanting experience. 

What is the weight limit for Skydive Dubai?

There are certain specifications that have been set as weight limitations for Skydiving in Dubai. This has been drawn out keeping in mind the perils associated with the activity and to ensure the overall safety of the divers. 

  • For females: The weight should be a maximum of 90 kg or less than that. In case the weight is above 85 Kg, the BMI limit of 27.5 will be applicable. 

  • For males: All the male divers who want to partake in the activity need to be within the weight limit of 100 kg or less. Under the same, if your weight is more than 95 kg, you would get applied with a BMI limit of 30.0. 

Important note: All the divers who would like to take the skydiving experience with Skydive Dubai, need to be at least 18 years or older. In case the age is 70 years or older, a medical statement and proof of fitness need to be submitted. 


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