Does Korean Airlines give Refund for Cancelled Flights?

Korean Air is one of the largest airlines company in South Korea. If you are flying via Korean Airlines and you had a change in your plan or due to some personal issues, you want to cancel your flight and get a refund. On your booking, you must know the airline’s policy; refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of the company. The refund policy of the Airline is mentioned below -

The Refund policy of Korean Airlines -

Korean Airlines is very transparent in its refund policy, and you can avail yourself refund very easily if you are eligible for the refund. You can also save your no-show penalty by canceling your ticket upfront. The airline has a clear charge sheet on its website. If you don’t follow the guidelines, you will have to pay a penalty fee, depending on the Ailine policy you violated.

  • If you cancel the Korean air ticket within 24 hours of booking, you will get the full refund of your paid ticket.

  • If you make changes or cancel it after 24 hours of booking, you will have to pay some penalty which depends on your ticket, and the penalty varies from economy and business class.

  • If the ticket is booked online, you can visit the official website and enter your details, and you will get a refund if it is eligible.

  • Korean Airlines provide a refund on unused tickets, making it easier for travelers. You must submit the refund request 30 days before the ticket expiration.

  • Airport taxes are refunded without charges from the airline’s side, including value-added charges and other miscellaneous charges and tax you paid for the ticket.

  • You must submit a ticket refund application to be done by the ticket holder. If additional documents are required, the airline's customer support will contact you on your given contact details and process your refund.

  • You must have your itinerary ticket number and the photo ID of the ticket holder to verify and submit the request. 

  • If the ticket holder is a minor, you have to show proof of family documents and the ID of a legal representative.

  • If the ticket is purchased via credit card, you can not convert it into cash. The airline will send the money o the credit card company, and they will revert it to your account.

  • It generally takes 7-10 days to complete the refund request and money to credit in your original payment method.

  • If you have booked the flight via cash/cheque, it will take 10-20 business days to complete your refund, But you can also choose a voucher as a refund of the same amount, and you can apply that coupon and book another flight instantly, but they are not redeemable as cash.

These are the Korean refund policy that you will have to keep in mind before applying to cancel the ticket or requesting a refund on your booked flight, as it is subject to the policy of the Airline. If you still have any queries, you can contact Korean Airlines on their number from their website and talk to a customer executive.


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