Does American Airlines allow Texting on flights & How it Done

Does American Airlines allow Texting on flights & How it Done

Passengers who have made their reservation ticket with an American Airlines flight and will fly soon may be worried about whether they can text on flights or how they can. So, in this situation, they can read the document information provided in this blog to know the answer to this query.

Can I text on American Airlines flights?

Yes, passengers can send text on American Airlines flights through the wifi-based texting application, but they are not allowed to send free text on the flights. Since American Airlines allows this texting facility to their travelers, passengers must also purchase in-flight wifi, which gives them a high internet speed. This texting service is available on every flight on American Airlines, which starts from $10, depending on the flights.

How can a person text on American Airlines flights?

Passengers who are curious to know how they send a free text on American Airlines flights are required to go through the following information to text anyone during on board:

  • Passengers need to purchase the wifi subscription plan on American Airlines flights, which will cost $49.5 per month and will connect to only one device, and if they want to connect with two devices, they will cost around $59.5.

  • The high-speed wifi is available, which passengers can buy on domestic and international flights.

  • If you have a phone or tablet and want to connect with the wifi, then you need to enable airplane mode and connect with “,” which is a wifi signal. 

  • Passengers having laptops can connect with the wifi signal “”

  • In case the travelers are not redirected, then they can open the browser and enter

  • Passengers can access without paying any fee during their flight.

What are the terms and conditions to purchase the wifi on American Airlines flights?

  • American Airlines provides wifi on almost every travel route, which has a minimum price of $10.

  • The annual subscription plan for one device is $599, and for two devices is $699.

  • Passengers must be AAdvantage.

  • Members of American Airlines purchase the wifi subscription plan, and their email address must be saved in their AAdvantage account.

  • Travelers also have their credit card, which has a US billing address that must be saved in their AAdvantage account.

How to contact an American Airlines agent for wifi service?

In case a passenger has some queries or questions regarding Wi-Fi services and its subscription plan, they can use the live chat support, make a phone call, or send an email to seek assistance from American Airlines customer service.

  • Passengers can go to the Contact Us page on the Air Inflight wifi portal to use the live chat.

  • Queries can be sent to these email addresses - and