Does a 3 year old need a plane ticket?-Infant Travel Policy

Get details to fly with a three-year-old child

When traveling with your family and having a child of more than two years, you must prefer to book a child seat with an FAA-approved child safety seat. If you have a child of 2 years and it is already sitting in a lap, you don’t need to purchase a seat. But if you travel with at least two children, book a child seat on your selected airline to travel and reach your destination quickly. Many airlines consider the children as individuals above the age of 2 and book separate seats. Therefore, if you have planned to travel with your 3-year-old children, you need to book a child seat at the time of booking easily.

What is 3 Year Old Infant Travel Policy

Yes, a 3-year-old needs a plane ticket and select a preferred seat to travel conveniently. It is the holiday season, and everyone is planning a vacation with a family. If you are the same and want to enjoy your vacation with your family for unforgettable fun, you will be responsible for your travel needs and requirements. Kids generally love the idea of vacation; hence, if you have planned to move to your desired destination, you must gather complete booking details, including a child ticket. You must go through the instructions if you are flying with your children.

  • When you travel with one child who is one year old, you can travel as a lap child.
  • If your child is above the age of 2 years, you must book a separate flight ticket to travel comfortably.
  • You must carry a valid proof of ID, which is mandatory on domestic and international destinations.
  • If you have made an international reservation, you must carry a passport and a valid travel document for your child's check-in.

Q 1: Can my 3-year-old fly for free?

No, your 3-year-old child can’t fly for free whether you travel on a domestic or international flight. Hence, if you have booked your flight ticket but forgot to purchase your child seat, you can add the infant seat to your flight ticket via manage booking and thoroughly plan your journey with your child. During this process, you can also check out the cost of adding your child to a booked flight, which could vary depending on the booking date, route, and fare type.

Q 2: Can a 3-year-old sit on lap on plane?

When you travel with your 3-year-old, you can sit on your lap only when the seat belt light is off. But if you notice, it is on your three-year-old children who must sit in their seats with their seat belts fastened. But to avoid any trouble and uncomfortable situation, you must book a separate seat to travel during booking easily.

Q 3: How much is a 3-year-old plane ticket?

Traveling with an infant up to two years old can travel on a lap. But if you travel more than two, you must purchase a plane ticket and select a separate seat. The price will range from INR 1000 to 1750, which, depending on the type of fare, route, and destination. 


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