Delta Flight to Amsterdam Airport-Phone Number, Email Ways to Reach

Cumulate knowledge to contact Delta Airlines at Amsterdam Airport

Delta Airlines is the utmost airline in the United States and is known as the world's oldest operational airline. Its flight can be traced to a distinct airport, and one of them is Amsterdam Airport. Further, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is rendered as the main international airport of the Netherlands. In this airport, you can secure special assistance, duty-free shops, medical aid, and so on. Whenever you get into trouble or need more details, then approach its customer service team for a resolution. Further, the information about modes has been stated at the bottom titles.  

Concede phone number of Delta Airlines at Amsterdam Airport

When you have a flight with Delta Airlines from this very airport but run into a problem afterward, then making use of its customer service could secure a resolution. Furthermore, the delta airlines amsterdam airport phone number are assigned according to the department, and those are as such:-

  • For getting an airline at the airport, +31 20 721 9128

  • For an airport general inquiry, +31 20 794 0800

  • For a lost item, 020 333 0333

  • For a passport, driving license, or ID lost, 0800-1814

  • For special assistance, 09000141/+31207940800

Aware of other modes to get a hold of Delta Airline at Amsterdam Airport

There is an option other than a call to communicate with Delta Airlines Amsterdam customer service and secure a resolution. Further, you can find comprehensive information about those modes by reading below.

Send an email:- when you wish to keep track of shared issues or need more space for proper deliberation, then use their email addresses. With the help of this method, you might find a response in two working days but get room to share a document, too. Thus, the email as per division has been listed at the bottom:-

  • For a ticket receipt,

  • For airport issues,

  • For the Delta gift card,

  • For a charter inquiry,

Write a letter:-  when your concerns aren't getting heard with any of the online modes, then you can have their customer service attention by sending a post. The revert by the airline can take more than five days, and the mailing address is as such:-

To:- Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Nearby:- Luchthaven Schiphol, Postbus 7501

1118 ZG Schiphol

Acknowledge the particular of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

When you have a flight to catch at the airport, then possessing airport information could make a trip comfortable. So, when you are traveling from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport with Delta Airlines, then you could seek those particular from beneath:-

  • Airport name:- Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

  • IATA Code:- AMS

  • Terminal:- Terminal 1

  • Phone number:- +31 20 794 0800

  • Address: 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands

Apprehend details on issues handled by Delta Airlines at Amsterdam Airport

Delta Airlines has laced with distinct facilities to make an overall traveling experience cozy and comfortable. Whenever a problem or confusion occurs related to their services, then you can have a response by getting to the customer service team. However, if you are unaware of those and are willing to get aware of then check out the bottom points:-

  • Request for an additional assistance service

  • Check flight status and be aware of route diversion or delay

  • Report a complaint for any kind of inconsistency

  • You are able to cancel a flight ticket and request a refund, too. 

  • Add an infant to the existing itinerary 

  • Details on baggage and make a request for lost bags, too

  • Scrutinize the current status of a refund.

  • Immigration and custom-related issues

  • To get aware of required travel document

Bottom line

The details elaborated above consist of enough information to get a hold of Delta Airlines customer service at the airport. So, you can identify among these issues and then choose an option from them to have an apt answer.


How early should I reach Amsterdam Airport for the Delta flight?

When you have a Delta Airlines flight to board from Amsterdam Airport, you have to reach the airport within a certain time limit. However, the duration of the flight is dependent on the routes, and the details about those are as follows:-

  • On domestic routes, travelers can arrive at the airport at least 45 minutes prior to flight time. 

  • The international routes passengers have to reach at the airport 3 hours before departure time. 

What terminal is Delta Airlines at Amsterdam Airport?

Amsterdam Airport is an international airport consisting of three terminals for its listed airlines. When you have a Delta Airlines flight then, you can find it mainly at Terminal 1. However, these details can vary as a route of your airline operations. So, for confirmation, you can approach the airline or airport customer service and then plan a trip.

Are Delta and KLM in the same terminal in Amsterdam?

Yes, Delta Airlines and KLM Airlines are in the same terminal at Amsterdam Airport. Further, these airlines operate mainly from terminal 1, but this information can be varied too. However, you can get its accurate information by checking your flight status.


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